What do we buy?

You may find yourself asking where you can sell your collectible trading cards or paintball equipment. Champion Card & Paintball pays competitive prices for your items! Below is a list of items we are actively looking to buy. If you have any questions please give us a call at (845)462-9292.

Collectible Trading Cards

Magic the Gathering - We buy just about anything and everything Magic the Gathering related.

Pokemon - We buy all Pokemon cards

Yugioh - We currently don't buy or sell Yugioh singles at this time

Bring in your cards and we will assess the value of your collection and give you a very competitive offer.


Markers - We buy all major brands of paintball markers with the exception of Azodin and Spyder. Markers will be tested to ensure that they are in working order before purchase. Markers not in working order will be bought at a different rate.

Hoppers - Hoppers that we actively look to buy are Dye Rotors, Virtue Spires, HK TFX, Halo Too, and Empire Prophecies.

Tanks - We buy HPA tanks that are in hydro date.

In addition we buy select masks, soft gear or paintball collections, barrels, and packs on the occasion and based on condition. 


At this current time we do not buy sports cards or sports memorabilia.

We also do not buy airsoft equipment at this time.