Imperatus PIP35063


Imperatus PIP35063


Product Information
Classification:  Character Heavy Warjack
Base Size:  50mm
PIP Code:  35063
Model Materials:  Resin and White Metal
Model Count:  1
Packaging:  Box
Release Date:  June 25, 2014

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As regal as its name suggests, the Imperatus was engineered to be without peer. The myrmidon wields a pair of blazing thermal blades to deadly effect, annihilating foes in a flurry of fiery impacts. At a distance it musters energy from its field to empower the Halation cannon, a weapon that can direct a concentrated burst of superheated energy with pinpoint accuracy. Its most astonishing feature is the Phoenix Protocol, a failsafe system that can rapidly restore the Imperatus to full fighting force.