Dawnguard Invictors PIP35069


Dawnguard Invictors PIP35069


Product Information
Base Size:  30mm
PIP Code:  35069
Model Materials:  Plastic
Model Count:  12
Packaging:  Box
Release Date:  February 10, 2016

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Invictors make up the bulk of House Nyarr’s Dawnguard order. When supported by the formidable Iosan myrmidons, invictors are unsurpassed on the battlefield. Firing their weapons as they close, the invictors are ever ready to charge into the ranks of the enemy and cut them down with the heavy blades set into their rifles.

SPECIAL NOTE: PIP 35069 contains the same Mk II stat cards as 35008 and PIP 35027. PIP 35069 replaces PIPs 35008 and 35027. The replaced models will no longer be available from Privateer Press beginning February 1, 2016.