Empire Ultra Carbon Fiber HPA Tank 90/4500 - Black


Empire Ultra Carbon Fiber HPA Tank 90/4500 - Black


Color: Black with grey lettering

Maximum Capacity: 4500

Size: 90 Cubic Inches

Type: HPA

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A new ultra lightweight carbon tank that from Empire Paintball.  Our proven regulator makes this tank lightweight, stable and consistent for the best combination around. 

30%.  That's the weight savings the new Empire Ultra tank has over its predecessor.   Weighing in under a feather-light 2lbs, you won't even realize this tank is there. We have paired it with our tried and true Empire regulator.  The proven workhorse reg that is easily serviceable, with rock steady consistent air flow. The Ultra is the tank that takes you to the podium.


  • Ultra lightweight carbon fiber tank, 30% lighter than Basics 90ci
  • Empire regulator utilizing proven Pure Energy technology, the leader in stable air flow pressure and efficiency
  • Dual burst discs for added safety
  • Fully serviceable internals
  • Five year hydro retest cycle
  • Made in the USA
  • DOT/TC approved tanks
  • Available in 90ci size