Tippmann TMC Marker With 2 Extra Magazines + Apex Barrel


Tippmann TMC Marker With 2 Extra Magazines + Apex Barrel


Color: Black/DST

Type: Mechanical

CO2 or HPA: Both

This Tippmann TMC includes 2 extra magazines in addition to the 2 that it comes with and an 18" Apex Barrel (98 Custom Thread)

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The Tippmann TMC Mag Fed paintball marker is the latest MagFed gun that is an extremely authentic AR Styled Tactical Carbine Marker! Go MagFed or traditional loader and get the best of both worlds in one awesome package. The TMC can be fully accessorized giving the player more unique options for Tactical Games, combining functionality with the world renowned Tippmann reliability for the next standard in MagFed Products.


  • Includes two 20 round spring driven magazines
  • Full pneumatic marker
  • Proven high performing in-line bolt system
  • Dual feed option: can be hopper or magazine fed
  • Extremely authentic ar look and feel
  • Fully functional charging handle
  • Easy-pull trigger
  • Over molded rubber grip
  • 12” high performance barrel with muzzle break
  • Bottom mounted asa
  • Internal stainless steel gas line
  • 2 position external selector
  • 5 position colapsable stock
  • Durable aluminum receiver
  • Front and rear adjustable sights
  • Integrated sling mounts
  • AR-15 style shroud with built-in 4 sided picatinny rails

Apex 2 Barrel

Wheter Your Oponent takes cover behind a tree, or bunker. The APEX2 Barrel System adds spin to the ball by adjusting the tip of the barrel. 

  • Curve your shot to hit "unreachable" targets
  • Adjustable ramp switch for desired level of curve
  • Nine adjustment spin and curve positions to hit your target
  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Tool-less dis-assembly for easy maintenance
  • Left and Right Hook, Drop Shot, and Long Flat Trajectory Shots with the twist of the barrel