31083_Triumph_WEB (1).jpg
31083_Triumph_WEB (1).jpg



Classification:  Character Heavy Warjack
Base Size:  50mm
PIP Code:  31083
Model Materials:  White Metal
Model Count:  1
Packaging:  Blister
Release Date:  December 08, 2010
Release Date Status:  Actual

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Triumph is the culmination of centuries of Cygnaran technological development. Made to the specifications of Major Markus “Siege” Brisbane, Triumph is armed with a massive cannon that can strike enemy warcasters with a sniper’s precision or rain explosive-tipped death down on the heads of opposing infantry and warjacks. Triumph is an artillerist’s dream and a nightmare to Cygnar’s foes.

*Players will need a Cygnar Heavy Plastic Warjack kit (PIP 31062) in addition to the upgrade kit in order to build Triumph.