Munchkin: Loot Letter


Munchkin: Loot Letter


Players: 2-4 Players

Ages: 10+

Game Time: 1-2 Hours

Type: Expansion

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Get a ton of treasure! You NEED it! Steal the treasure and backstab your friends - without all of the silly card-playing stuff. Well, without some of it. OK, without all but 16 cards of it, at least. Munchkin Loot Letter is a game of risk, deduction and luck, for 2-4 players. It comes in a boxed version, or in a clamshell version with a velvet bag!

  • Contains: 16 cards, 4 reference cards, rulebook and loot tokens
  • The Munchkin Loot Letter velvet bag is sure to turn heads
  • Bonus: Includes one new card for Munchkin!
  • For 2 to 4 Players