Munchkin: Marked For Death


Munchkin: Marked For Death


Players: 3-6 Players

Ages: 10+

Game Time: 1-2 Hours

Type: Expansion

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This booster pack does double duty! It's 17 new cards for your game of Munchkin. And it's also designed to work as a quick demo set, so you can recruit your friends! In other words, it will add both cards and players to your Munchkin game.

  • Seventeen all-new Munchkin cards to add to your game
  • Includes Monster cards, a Curse card, a Cheat card, and plenty of loot!
  • Designed so you can run a quick Munchkin demo to recruit your friends
  • Cards include Recalculate Your XP, the Anvil, and the horrifyingly effervescent Soap Golem
  • Munchkin is a line of best-selling, hilarious card games from Steve Jackson Games, with over 8 million copies of the games and supplements in print worldwide