Firepower Green Gas


Firepower Green Gas


This listing is for 1x can.

Output Pressure: 115 +/- 5 PSI at 70 F
Canister Size:  8 oz.
Safety Data: DOT-E 11917
Shots per Canister: 1500 - 2000 shots (Varies depending on temperature and type of gas gun)
Compatibility: Most Gas Powered Airsoft Guns (KWA, KJW, WE, SRC, HFC, UHC, KWC, Cybergun, Y&P)

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FirePower's Green Gas is perfect for gas blowback airsoft pistols and rifles, providing hard hitting power while also keeping your gas operated airsoft gun well lubricated.  More powerful than HFC 134a, FirePower Green Gas is best used in gas blowback airsoft pistols and rifles designed to operate with higher pressure gas (most airsoft gas blowback airsoft guns).  This green gas provides your gas airsoft gun with snappy recoil, smooth cycling, and an incredibly fast muzzle velocity!

Most airsoft gas guns are designed to specifically use green gas for optimal operation.  Using propane with a silicone adapter can lead to uneven amounts of silicone oil being distributed into your gas airsoft gun, which may cause increased wear over time.  FirePower Green Gas already has silicone mixed into the gas, providing a constant and even dispersal of lubricant.  Most airsoft gas gun manufacturers recommend or require the use of green gas with their high performance gas blowback airsoft guns, due to its increased efficiency and consistent lubrication.

FirePower Green Gas Features:
- FirePower Green Gas canister lasts over 1500 shots!
- Easy to carry on the field
- Stable and safe to use
- Ready to go right out of the box, no mixing necessary
- Can be used with all airsoft green gas-powered guns
- Powers your green gas airsoft guns while lubricating with silicon oil
- Scented, does not have the same odor as propane